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Who are we?

Widra BV is an independent and autonomous company that started specializing in advising on-, creating and selling wire shelving.

There has been a demand for safer ways of placing pallets, mainly in high-rise solutions and (moveable) pallet racks in Coldstores. Wooden decking often lost height in high-rise warehouses and, obviously, wooding decking was no option in Coldstores. Step-beams were often used as a, too expensive, solution. In The United States and Australia ‘Wire-Decking Panels’ was already a commonly used alternative. However, the European market required another concept because the step-beam was far less common than in the USA and Australia. In 2004 we needed a supplier for wire shelving in a Coldstore which had a moveable pallet racking system. We didn’t just find any manufacturer. We found the second largest manufacturer in the world and after every conversation we had with them our motivation grew larger. All our wishes were discussed in detail and no concessions were made in terms of reliability and accuracy. This is in perfect sync with the supplier’s slogan  “To be faithful and Accurate”. We will always strive to find the best wire shelving solution for you and oversee the process from start to end. Together with the manufacturer we will look for the best and most cost-efficient way to find a solution for your specific situation. Widra is not only happy to be of service, but also does this in an expert and reliable manner. And all that for an excellent price-quality ratio.